Welcome to the Charity Gamers Network

Here at CGN our business is helping children the best way we know how. We host tournament style events to raise money to place video game systems in hospitals for ill children to releave some of the stress of being away from home.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does 100% of the money goto kids?
A: In short, yes. All the net proceeds are used to buy video game systems, games, and televisions for kids in hospitals. In some cases kids our program benefits are brought to events to help other children like them.

Q: If I donate money can I say where it goes?
A: If you would like a specific facility to recieve one of our game units you simply need to let us know and we will ear mark the money for that location.

Q: How Competative are your events?
A: Some events are down right intense. We have been host to national tournament competators and top ranked Xbox Live players. Other events on the other hand are just for fun. Our tournaments are for everyone from your casual player to the hardcore gamer.

Q: Do you need any help with your events?
A: Sure, volenteers are always welcome. Referee, Registration, traffic control, etc. Always needed just drop us an email and let us know you would like to help.

Q: Do you except sponsership?
A: Absolutly! If your business would like to sponser or play host to on of our events please let us know and we will make the arrangements

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