Xbox Live Halo 2 Tournament: July 30th 2005

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  1. Registration for this event will be $5.00 with a double elimination format.
  2. There will be two officials present during the match, they will be colored white. Custom profiles will be allowed, but having white as the primary color will not be allowed.
  3. If a official is intentionally fragged a point will be taken away for the first offence. Second offence will result in being booted from the match, unless the frag is found to be accidental.
  4. No cheating of any kind will result in disqualification.
    (Definition of cheating from

    "In a nutshell, Bungie considers cheating to be the act of manipulating or interfering with aspects of the game or networking to give yourself or your team an unfair advantage. The exact methods and cases will vary as people invent new ways to do bad things. Our team is constantly monitoring the latest exploits and issues and will be reacting as necessary. Common examples of things that will get someone banned from Live play include "standby cheats" (i.e. interfering with the network connection to disrupt gameplay), using hacked maps or game files or manipulating matchmaking to "boost" your way up the leaderboards.
    CGN will also disqualify anyone using what is known as a "super jump"

  5. As usual no refunds will be given under and circumstance. The money is going to charty so even if you can't make the event rest assued your registration fee will be going to good use.