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The 22nd Virginia Regiment

About The Site

The 22nd Virginia Resource site has been placed here simply to add peoples research. The former reenacting group disbanded in 2004. Since then I have recieved so much email about the old unit I decided to put the site on a diet and get rid off all the "reenactor" aspects and repost it as a infromation and resource site. I can't help you with tracing your family tree, but this site may add you a bit.

The former captain of the 22nd Virginia, John Miller has reformed the 22nd VA. His site can be located here. He is the most knowledgiable person in the country when it comes to the 22nd VA.


The unit history of the original 22nd Virginia

Commanding Generals of the 22nd

Regimental Commanders of the 22nd

Formation / Battle History


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