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Commanding Generals of the 22nd

General John Floyd - Commander of the Army of South Eastern Virginia. Robert E. Lee was sent to Western Virginia to settle the differences between Henry Wise and John Floyd. General Floyd was sent to Tennessee to Fort Donaldson. Floyd was also one of the officers that decided to surrender Fort Donaldson to General Grant in 1862.

General Henry Wise - Ex Governor of Virginia and Commander of the Army of South Eastern Virginia, Wise's Legion. The feuds between General Wise and General Floyd eventually led Jefferson Davis to have Wise removed from command in the Western Virginia Region. Soon after his arrival in Richmond, General Wise was given command in North Carolina.

General Henry Heth - The Battle of Lewisburg and Winter quarters in late 1862 and early 1863. Disliked by his men, General Heth transferred to General Lee's Army of Northern Virginia before the Gettysburg campaign. He would command the division that would first engage the Union forces at Gettysburg. Members of the 22nd VA blamed him for their disaster at Lewisburg.

General John Gordon - The 1864 Raid on Washington DC. Known for his bravery at Antietam MD, where he was wounded five times although none were fatal. The wounds were twice in the leg, twice in the arm and once in the cheek. General Gordon was also known for his flanking movement at the battle of Monocacy.

General Robert E. Lee - Swell Mountain 1861, Cold Harbor Campaign 1864. Although General Lee's Mountain Campaign was his worst performance, Lee rose to be one of the most beloved figures in American history. At the Battle of Gettysburg Lee told his worn men that the disaster was all his fault and that he was very sorry, the troops however denounced his claim and begged him to let them charge at the Yankees once again. This showed just how very deeply he cared for his army.

General John Breckinridge - U.S. Democratic leader and soldier, born near Lexington, Ky.; vice-president under Buchanan; Confederate general in Civil War and secretary of war of Confederate States of America. General Breckinridge was commander on the field at New Market and the 22nd VA was placed in his corp until late 1864.

General Jubal Early - The 1864 Raid on Washington, DC. General Early was a very aggressive man, who was often rude and showed officers what not to say or do. However, his corp was usually one of the best on the field. During the Raid on Washington, General Early said "We haven't taken Washington, but we scared Abe Lincoln like hell!"

General John Echols - One of the most beloved officers that the 22nd VA had. Unfortunately Col. Patton often stepped in for Echols due to his frequent illnesses. General Echols is probably one of the most forgotten figures in Civil War history. He was in charge of the Army of South Western Virginia after Henry Heth was call to the Army of Northern Virginia. General Echols eventually replaced General Jubal Early after the Battle of Waynesboro in March of 1865.